Adopt A School

We have been involved with Rural Sanitation in South Africa for the past 20 years, and have been appalled by the lack of empathy from government and civil society on the plight of children at rural schools.


Sanitation is something that each school has, but is never maintained, and this leads to a breakdown of the basic needs of the children, i.e. the use of a clean and hygienic toilet – it really is a fundamental basic human right. It is easier for investors and government to build new sanitation systems than it is to service existing systems, as once the investment has been made there is a “tangible” sanitation system that is left behind. This is where problems emulate – as with all systems, maintenance is required to maintain the infrastructure.


A school in desperate need of assistance

The campaign is to find willing donors that will Adopt a School in the Eastern Cape in South Africa. The donor(s) will Adopt the School and ensure that the schools institutional sanitation system remains operational.  Locally trained small business will be trained to undertake the tasks of servicing the sanitation systems at the schools every 6 months. A caretaker will also be appointed at the school to maintain the service, and he/she will come in once a week to inspect, clean and report back on the condition of the toilets.


Local trained caretakers are appointed

There are approximately 250-300 schools each educational district in the Eastern Cape (there are a total of 25 districts), and each school will receive 2 services per year. The campaign will appoint 4 micro-business entities who will each employ 3 male & female staff. The campaign will therefore create a sustainable income for 16 people and their immediate family.



A report together with photographs will be sent to each person/ organization that adopts a school or co-sponsors a school on the completion of each service.

There are approximately 5500 schools in the Eastern Cape, and we are attempting to only address 10 % of the sanitation problem.

Storm damage



A tragedy waiting to happen.

.Potentially hazardous toilet