Chemical Toilet Hire

We provide temporary and permanent sanitation solutions to various industries in the Water & Sanitation sector.

We also have standard chemical based toilets that are available on short term rentals.

Should you require a quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • A temporary sanitation solution
  • Moveable
  • Using chemicals to minimize odors
  • Lockable
  • Available for short or medium term rentals
  • A service plan is designed for each application

Service benefits


ISO compliant

Our comprehensive health and safety programme is ISO compliant, and is driven by Waco International standards.


Sustainable solutions

Our Industry experts assess and provide sustainable solutions to the problematic sanitation systems, the ability to supply and use waste and sanitation services to best effect in the longer-term capacity


Job Creation

Our social facilitation team works towards achieving community buy-in into the technology and ensures that users are trained in its operation.

El Services Consultancy exists not only for solutions to problematic sanitation systems, but also serves as a means to promote and educate the community about hygiene whilst creating jobs. We give back, resulting in a better quality of life for that community.